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Rowing Starts Spring on High Note at UCF

March 17, 2017

ORLANDO, Fla. – The UConn rowing team began the 2017 spring season with a strong outing against reigning American Athletic Conference champion UCF, Nova Southeastern, Jacksonville and Stetson on Friday morning, recording one first-place and three second-place finishes.

The Huskies raced five boats, with each placing in third place or better – a good starting point as UConn begins its 20th season under head coach Jennifer Wendry.

The Third Varsity 8 earned a first-place finish against the Knights, highlighting the peak moment for the Huskies. It finished in a time of 7:18.4, 20 seconds better than UCF’s 7:38.8, to lead UConn on opening day.

Varsity 4+, Varsity 8+ and Second Varsity 8+ all took home second-place finishes, while the Second Varsity 4+ placed third to round-out the day’s results. UCF finished first in five of the races, with UConn right behind in three of them.

“This week was one of the most productive weeks of training I have been a part of. I am very proud of our team’s commitment to work together,” said Wendry. “Today’s races were a great opportunity to reward the hard work.”

Back in 2016, the Huskies earned four second-place finishes while competing in Orlando against the Knights. Today, UConn took another step in the program’s success by earning a first-place spot against UCF.



“It’s always fun to put on the racing uniform and see what we can do in a racing scenario. Special congrats to the Third Varsity 8 for winning today,” said Wendry. “That is a mostly novice boat that was experiencing spring racing for the first time. Their effort was fantastic.”

The Huskies will use Friday as a springboard as they head into their second race of the spring next Saturday on March 25.

“We are looking forward to next weekend when we will be back on the water again at the Murphy Cup in Philadelphia,” said Wendry.

Varsity 8+

Jun Takeda (coxswain), Courtney Dawless (stroke), Arielle Sherman-Golembeski (seven), Rachel Signor (six), Sierra Mazur (five), Julia Schnelting (four), Maja Barnouw (three), Micaela Nowacki (two), and Katherine Wheatley (bow).

Second Varsity 8+

Emily Woodrow (coxswain), Sarah Norman (stroke), Hayley Brant (seven), Molly Bugos (six), Alexandra Hill (five), Katherine Lavrentios (four), Mae Hanson (three), Kaitlyn May (two), and Katie Ullinger (bow).

Varsity 4+

Caroline Bemis (coxswain), Bridget Murphy (stroke), Sara Nelson (three), Eleanor Dowd (two), and Kathryn Stevens (bow).

Second Varsity 4+

Sydney Gibbs (coxswain), Delaney McGovern (stroke), Meg Blundy-Jones (three), Caroline Richman (two), Kervelle Baird (bow).

Third Varsity 8+

Norelis Collado (coxswain), Megan Potter (stroke), Ellen McNiff (seven), Kailey Crothers (six), Lillian Whitmore (five), Nicole Chaloux (four), Taylor Evangelista (three), Molly Fitzpatrick (two), Maxime Braun (bow).

UConn Results

Third Varsity 8+

1. UConn – 7:18.4
2. UCF – 7:38.8

Second Varsity 4+

1. UCF – 7:46.0
2. Jacksonville – 7:59.0
3. UConn – 8:09.3
4. Nova Southeastern – 8:15.6
5. Stetson – 10:31.2

Varsity 4+

1. UCF – 7:23.4
2. UConn – 7:29.4
3. Jacksonville – 7:53.9

Second Varsity 8+

1. UCF – 6:47.9
2. UConn – 7:01.4
3. Jacksonville – 7:05.3
4. Nova Southeastern – 7:24.6
5. Stetson – 8:10.6

Varsity 8+

1. UCF – 6:31.1
2. UConn – 6:48.2
3. Jacksonville – 6:57.5
4. Nova Southeastern – 7:01.3
5. Stetson – 7:24.2