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Huskies Row Against UMass on Thursday

Kathleen Snajder and the Huskies' 2V4+ topped UMass on Thursday.
April 17, 2015

HADLEY, Mass. -- Fresh off a solid team performance at the 2015 Knecht Cup, the University of Connecticut women's rowing team continued its outdoor season on Thursday, April 16 when it raced against UMass in Hadley, Mass.

UConn picked up a pair of first-place finishes, headlined by the 2V4+ `A' squad that recorded a 5:13.84 second time. The Huskies' 3V8+ also earned a top-finish, beating UMass by over a boat length.

UMass edged out UConn in the V8+, clocking in at 4:38.6 compared to a 4:44.6 finish for the Huskies. The Minutewomen V4+ finished its race in 5:16.7, while the Husky V4+ recorded a 5:31.4 second result. 

In the 2V4+ race, the Husky `A' squad claimed first (5:13.84), while UMass (5:14.4) and UConn `B' (5:32.9) finished second and third, respectively.

UMass' 2V8+ (4:43.6) beat the Husky 2V8+ (4:45.2) by 1.6 seconds.

The Husky V8+ was Elise McCormick (cox), Laura Webster(stroke), Audrey Kelley (seven), Kathryn Hughes (six), Nikoline Laidlaw (five), Christine Latona (four), Rachel Signor (three), Haley Ullinger (two) and Brenna Conrad (bow).



The Husky 2V8+ was Alexandra Coults (cox), Diana Gryszkiewicz(stroke), Caitie Parsons (seven), Alyssa Hopson (six), Heather Norris (five), Katherine Lavrentios (four), Shannon Cox (three), Teresa Starzecki (two), and Abbie Viner (bow).

The Husky 3V8+ was Norelis Collado (cox), Emily Powers (stroke),Claire Kenison (seven), Amanda Litty (six), Sarah Norman (five),Kiersten Kronschnabel (four), Sierra Mazur (three), Kate Boudreau(two), and Mai Walters (bow).

The V4+ consisted of Elizabeth Tomasco (cox), Arielle Sherman (stroke), Mae Hanson (three), Chisom Mokwuah (two), and Aleksandra Torkelson (bow).

The 2V4+ `A' was Kathleen Snajder (cox), Meg Duva (stroke), Mikayla Hudson (three), Courtney Dawless (two), and Alexandra Hill (bow).

The 2V4+ `B' was Anna Alvarado (cox), Anna Fetteroll (stroke), Katie Wheatley (three), Katie Ullinger (two), and Sara Nelson

UConn returns to competition on Sunday, April 19 when it rows against Boston College and Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. starting at 10 a.m.