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Rowing Takes On Boston College And Holy Cross

UConn in action vs. BC and Holy Cross.
April 17, 2016

WORCESTER, Mass. - The University of Connecticut rowing team competed against Boston College and Holy Cross on Sunday at the Irving-Christensen Cup at Lake Quinsigamont. The course was 2,000 meters in slight cross tail wind.

The UConn varsity eight was second in a time of 6:55.54 while Boston College was first in 6:44.29. The UConn varsity eight lineup was Jun Takeda (cox), Emily Powers (stroke), Arielle Sherman-Golembeski (seven), Laura Webster (six), Rachel Signor (five), Sierra Mazur (four), Nikoline Laidlaw (three), Audrey Kelley (two) and Courtney Dawless (bow).

The Husky second varsity eight was second in 7:13.15. That lineup was Caroline Bemis (cox), Alyssa Hopson (stroke), Heather Norris (seven), Maja Barnouw (six), Molly Bugos (five), Katie Ullinger (four), Shannon Cox (three), Katherine Wheatley (two) and Sarah Norman (bow).

The UConn varsity four was second in 7:47.23 while Boston College was first in 7:32.69. That boat was Sydney Gibbs (cox), Bridget Murphy (stroke), Katherine Lavrentios (three), Alexandra Hill (two) and Emily George (bow).

UConn had three boats in the second varsity four and finished third (7:43.07), fifth (8:00.31) and sixth (8:22.12).

The A boat was Alexandra Coults (cox), Sara Nelson (stroke), Chisom Mokwuah (three), Kate Boudreau (two) and Mai Walters (bow). The B boat was Madeline Farrell (cox), Megan Duva (stroke), Kathryn Stevens (three), Lena Karotkin (two) and Abigail Fudge (bow). The C boat was Anna Alvarado (cox), Lydia Pfisterer (stroke), Kervelle Baird (three), Caitlyn Siegman (two) and Kristen Esposito (bow).

The UConn third varity eight was second in 7:10.34 while BC was first in 7:06.43. That boat was Norelis Collado (cox), Michaela Zumino (stroke), Hayley Brant (seven), Taylor Bonadies (six), Mae Hanson (five), Mikayla Hudson (four), Amy Robinson (three), Micaela Nowacki (two) and Christine Black (bow).

UConn returns to action for the American Athletic Conference championship on Saturday, May 14 in Sacramento, Calif.