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Huskies Row Against UMass

April 18, 2014

COVENTRY, Conn. - The UConn rowing team had a dual meet race with UMass on Friday morning at Coventry Lake.

In the varsity eight race, UMass came in with a time of 7:08.46 while UConn was 7:17.50. The UConn boat was Charlotte Kelley (cox), Audrey Kelley (stroke), Natalie Carlone (seven), Ally Hopson (six), Heather Norris (five), Laura Webster (four), Julia Roth (three), Abbie Viner (two) and Erin Mounce (bow).

In the second varsity eight race, UMass A won in a time of 7:30.53 followed by UConn in 7:37.18 and UMass B in 8:13.30. The UConn boat was Elise McCormick (cox), Christine Latona (stroke), Diana Gryszkiewicz (seven), Haley Ullinger (six), Mikayla Hudson (five), Teresa Starzecki (four), Dani Wrubel (three), Chelsea Zabel (two) and Meg Duva (bow).



In the varsity four race, UMass came in with a time of 8:30.04 while UConn was 9:01.46. The UConn boat was Alex Coults (cox), Arielle Sherman (stroke), Amanda Litty (three), Brenna Conrad (two) and Sarah Mosure (bow).

In the second varsity four, UMass came in with a time of 8:31.74 followed by UConn A in 8:52.48 and UConn B in 9:30.55. The UConn A was Liz Tomasco (cox), Olivia Durham (stroke), Julia Calise (three), Ashley West (two) and Emily Powers (bow). The UConn B was Kim Gillen (cox), Jen Jacobsen (stroke), Hannah Soucie (three), Mai Walters (two), Katie Wheatley (bow).

In the novice eight race, UMass was 8:13.36 while UConn was 8:42.51. The UConn novice eight boat was Olivia Schipani (cox), Caitie Parsons (stroke), Kiersten Kronschnabel (seven), Chi Mokwuah (six), Erika Smith (five), Sarah Norman (four), Mackenzie Freeland (three), Anna Fetteroll (two) and Kathleen Snajder (bow).

UConn returns to action on Sunday when its races at Holy Cross with Boston College.