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Race Results: Huskies Start Season at Head of the Riverfront

Courtney Dawless and Rachel Signor finished first in the Open 2x on Sunday.
Oct. 3, 2016

Full Race Results

The Head of the Riverfront provided a solid start to the 2016-17 campaign for the UConn rowing team, which recorded one first-place and three second-place finishes on the Connecticut River on Sunday.

Rachel Signor and Courtney Dawless won the first race of the season for the Huskies, placing first in the Open 2x in a time of 18:00.72 – beating out Riverfront Recapture and Sacred Heart by well over a minute.

The Huskies had a strong showing in the Open 4+ with second and third place finishes. Just .29 seconds separated UConn’s ‘B’ and ‘A’ boats, with ‘C’ taking sixth and ‘D’ finishing 12th.

In total, UConn had 10 boats racing throughout the day: four in the Open 8+, one in the Open 2x, one in the Novice 4+ and four in the Open 4+.

Nearly 40 rowers competed on Sunday for the Huskies, who will next compete in the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, Mass. on Oct. 22-23.

Open 8+

UConn ‘A’ – Caroline Bemis (coxswain), Courtney Dawless (stroke), Arielle Sherman-Golembeski (seven), Rachel Signor (six), Sierra Mazur (five), Julia Schnelting (four), Bridget Murphy (three), Katherine Ratcliffe (two), Maja Barnouw (bow).



UConn ‘B’ – Sydney Gibbs (coxswain), Katherine Wheatley (stroke), Sarah Norman (seven), Alexandra Hill (six), Katherine Lavrentios (five), Hayley Brant (four), Emily George (three), Katie Ullinger (two), Kaitlyn May (bow).

UConn ‘C’ – Jordan Crinieri (coxswain), Sara Nelson (stroke), Kate Boudreau (seven), Delaney McGovern (six), Mae Hanson (five), Taylor Bonadies (four), Amy Robinson (three), Kathryn Stevens (two), Kervelle Baird (bow).

UConn ‘D’ – Erika Yao (coxswain), Eleanor Dowd (stroke), Caroline Richman (seven), Gabriella Dombek (six), Lauren Knapp (five), Lillian Whitmore (four), Nicole Chaloux (three), Christine Black (two), Victoria Salai (bow).

Open 2x

UConn – Rachel Signor, Courtney Dawless

Open Novice 4+

UConn – Emily Woodrow (coxswain), Kaitlyn May (stroke), Delaney McGovern (three), Caroline Richman (two), Eleanor Dowd (bow).

Open 4+

UConn ‘A’ – Jun Takeda (coxswain), Courtney Dawless (stroke), Arielle Sherman-Golembeski (three), Sierra Mazur (two), Micaela Nowacki (bow).

UConn ‘B’ – Norelis Collado (coxswain), Katherine Ratcliffe (stroke), Bridget Murphy (three), Julia Schnelting (two), Maja Barnouw (bow).

UConn ‘C’ – Madeline Farrell (coxswain), Sarah Norman (stroke), Alexandra Hill (three), Katherine Lavrentios (two), Katie Ullinger (bow).

UConn ‘D’ – Alexis Meehan (coxswain), Sara Nelson (stroke), Katherine Wheatley (three), Emily George (two), Hayley Brant (bow).

UConn Results

Open 8+

2. UConn ‘A’ – 16:35.95

6. UConn ‘D’ – 17:45.71

7. UConn ‘B’ – 17:56.60

8. UConn ‘C’ – 18:16.16

Open 2x

1. UConn – 18:00.72 – Rachel Signor and Courtney Dawless

Open Novice 4+

2. UConn – 19:10.10

Open 4+

2. UConn ‘B’ – 16:36.12

3. UConn ‘A’ – 16:36.41

6. UConn ‘C’ – 16:57.32

12. UConn ‘D’ – 17:44.36