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Rowing Impresses at Head of Schuylkill

Oct. 29, 2016


The UConn rowing team earned one second-place and two fourth-place finishes at the Head of the Schuylkill on Saturday – a competition that has existed more than four decades in the scenic 2.5-mile course on the Schuylkill River.

The Huskies, coming off a strong showing at the Head of the Charles last weekend, placed second in the Women’s College Frosh/Novice Eights – their fourth silver medal of the fall season.

UConn had two boats race in both the Frosh/Novice Eights and the Women’s Club Championship Eights, with one boat in the Women’s Championship Eights.

The UConn ‘A’ boat finished in a time of 16:47.120, just 34 seconds behind St. Joseph’s for the top spot. It was the first of three top-five finishes on the day for the Huskies, making the most of their final race of the fall season.

A fourth-place finish in both the Women’s Club Championship Eights and Women’s Championship Eights rounded-out the day’s highlights for the Huskies. UConn also recorded an 18th and 19th place finish on Saturday.



“Our strong results at the Head of the Schuylkill was a great way to end fall racing for us. Each of the five eights came off the water feeling like they raced very well,” said head coach Jennifer Wendry.

Five of the rowers in the Women’s Championship Eight – Jun Takeda, Courtney Dawless, Arielle Sherman-Golembeski, Julia Schnelting, and Katie Ullinger – were in the Women’s Club Four that took sixth out of 59 boats on the Charles last weekend.

“It was a sunny fall day, but the wind presented a great challenge, especially to the boats that raced in the afternoon. Our boats handled the conditions well,” said Wendry.

We have spent a lot of time this fall focusing on awareness as an individual with how hard we are capable of pushing ourselves. I believe we have made some great gains in that area and that will carry over to the spring racing season.”

UConn wraps-up fall competition with one first-place, four second-place, two fourth-place and one sixth-place boats at the Head of the Riverfront, Head of the Charles and Head of the Schuylkill combined.

Women’s College Frosh/Novice Eights

UConn ‘A’ – Emily Woodrow (coxswain), Eleanor Dowd (stroke), Kaitlyn May (seven), Lauren Knapp (six), Delaney McGovern (five), Taylor Evangelista (four), Megan Zindell (three), Maxime Braun (two), Caroline Richman (bow).

UConn ‘B’ – Gabrielle Heilman (coxswain), Megan Potter (stroke), Ellen McNiff (seven), Morgan Wicken (six), Kailey Crothers (five), Anna Puleo (four), Jenna Light (three), Molly Fitzpatrick (two), Dolores Kane (bow).

Women’s Club Championship Eights

UConn ‘A’ – Sydney Gibbs (coxswain), Katherine Wheatley (stroke), Sarah Norman (seven), Sierra Mazur (six), Rachel Signor (five), Alexandra Hill (four), Katherine Lavrentios (three), Hayley Brant (two), Kathryn Stevens (bow).

UConn ‘B’ – Norelis Collado (coxswain), Sara Nelson (stroke), Kate Boudreau (seven), Taylor Bonadies (six), Amy Robinso (five), Nicole Chaloux (four), Mae Hanson (three), Lillian Whitmore (two), Kervelle Baird (bow).

Women’s Championship Eights

UConn – Jun Takeda (coxswain), Courtney Dawless (stroke), Arielle Sherman-Golembeski (seven), Julia Schnelting (six), Katie Ullinger (five), Emily George (four), Bridget Murphy (three), Micaela Nowacki (two), Maja Barnouw (bow).

UConn Results

Women’s College Frosh/Novice Eights

2. UConn ‘A’ – 16:47.12

18. UConn ‘B’ – 18:57.822

Women’s Club Championship Eights

4. UConn ‘A’ – 16:04.667

19. UConn ‘B’ – 16:40.858

Women’s Championship Eights

4. UConn – 15:39.862