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Huskies Focus on Recovery During Preseason Workouts

Feb. 6, 2017

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STORRS, Conn. –
Another week closer to the start of the spring season and the UConn rowing team continues to make strides in the preseason, with the opening race on March 17 in Orlando, Fla.

In the second week of our feature series, several Huskies discuss the importance of recovery as a team theme – a crucial aspect to a rower’s progress, especially in the weeks leading up to competition.

Last week, rowers discussed the role of training in the UConn rowing culture, but how to bounce back from that physical and mental exertion is just as important in order to ensure optimal performance each day.

“Recovery is essential within every sport. There is a variety of different options we have to support our bodies during a recovery period,” said senior Arielle Sherman-Golembeski, winner of the 2016 Husky Award for leadership.

The science behind recovery suggests it is a necessary aspect of being an athlete, especially when competing at the Division I level.

“Studies show that if you don’t allow for recovery time, your sports performance will be affected negatively,” said freshman Anna Fowler. “Sleep is my favorite way to recover. It’s an easy way to refuel my body for the next workout.”



When it comes to methods of recovery, the Huskies have multiple ways to achieve it. Most times, it can be done through basic health practices.

“Recovery can be anything from sleeping, stretching after a workout, eating properly or taking time to reflect,” said junior Norelis Collado. “(Recovery) is what seals in a good workout and helps us to dominate the next one.”

Holding teammates accountable for proper recovery is another major part of UConn’s culture, as one or two rowers who aren’t well-rested can affect race results.

“After every practice, we take time to roll out with foam rollers and tennis balls to loosen up our muscles and prevent injuries,” said freshman Jordan Crinieri. “It allows us to come together as a team because it’s not just our personal recovery; we help our teammates recover through partner stretches.”

The UConn training room also offers ice baths and stim machine work to the rowers, looking for a way to physically recover after practice.  

In addition to stretching, as well as nutrition and rest, the Huskies have found a way to stay centered and in control, from a mental standpoint: yoga.

“We are blessed with our Thursday morning yoga session with Carol. This has to be my favorite type of recovery workout since it allows us to decompress our minds and our bodies,” said Sherman-Golembeski.

As the Huskies come off a strong fall season, which included one first-place and three second-place finishes at the Head of the Riverfront and Head of the Schuylkill, they look to stay rolling in the spring.