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Rowing Blogs In From Miami

March 11, 2011

MIAMI, Fla. - The University of Connecticut women's rowing team is spending Spring Break training in Miami. Here is a blog report from senior Lizzie Littlewood (Mystic, Conn.):

After a great seven weeks of winter training we've made it back to sunny, warm Miami!

We've had four practices thus far and are making every one count, since no one knows for sure what the state of Coventry Lake will be and whether or not we will have water time when we get back. Thus far, we've done some swing rowing, seat racing and drillwork.

On Monday afternoon, our first and second varsity eights spent a lot of time working on the "finish," the part of the stroke when you pop the blade out of the water. Though it sounds simple, it's super important to have clean, together finishes, because this is when the boat is going fastest.

You don't want to mess up the speed you've pulled so hard for!

Earlier, in the morning, some of the rowers had the opportunity to take out the doubles, which is always a special treat. UConn has two-people shells that can be rigged either as doubles (for sculling, two oars per person) or pairs (sweep rowing, one oar person, same set-up as in the fours and eights we normally row).

The little boats can be a bit tippy, so it's a good opportunity to work on balance. Of course, the people who need to work on their balance, well, need to work on their balance...needless to say, my boat flipped...twice! Thankfully the water is plenty warm, and all we lost was a pair of socks. My pair partner and I told some of our teammates a manatee knocked us over, but for some reason I don't think all of them bought it.

After all our work indoors, we are really itching to let `er rip on the water! This opportunity will likely come soon as we begin preparing for our race at the end of the week. For some of the novice, it will be their first spring racing experience and only their second time racing in a UConn uniform. Regardless of experience (or inexperience), we can't wait to race!