Jenise Vargas
    Jenise Vargas

    Pasadena, Calif.

    High School:
    Flintridge Preparatory School

    Jenise Vargas

    Daughter of Juan & Elenita Vargas

    Born: Dec. 9, 1994

    Place of birth: Manila, Philippines

    Sisters/brother: Sheryl (24), Chris (28)

    Your major: Undecided

    Any athletes in the family: none

    Your favorite athlete: Kim Clijsters

    I chose UConn for /because: It has an amazing atmosphere and everything I have ever dreamed of for my ideal college

    Hobby: Hang out with my friends, shopping, watch movies.

    Couldn't leave without: My dog, Murphy

    Favorite movie: Talladega Nights

    Favorite place to visit: Mexico

    Something we don't know about you: I have lived in 4 different states: Florida, California, Oregon, and now Connecticut

    Fun facts: I have a dog, Murphy and a cat, Coco

    Describe your game in 2-3 sentences: Strong ground stroker with consistent cross-court mainly from my backhand. I am also very strong at stepping into the court and hitting the ball offensively with both forehand and backhand.

    High school awards: All area 1st team freshman, sophomore, and junior, Team MVP