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Clive Terrelonge to be Inducted Into Lincoln University Hall of Fame

Terrelonge will be inducted into the Lincoln University Hall of Fame this weekend.

Sept. 27, 2012

By Margot Gahan

UConn Track and Field associate head coach Clive Terrelonge will be among the Inaugural Hall of Fame class at Lincoln University located in Pennsylvania. 

Terrelonge graduated from Lincoln University in 1994 with a degree in health and physical education, however he is being honored for his accomplishments on the track. 

UConn women's track and field head coach Bill Morgan first noticed Terrelonge at a Boston University meet in the late 1980's where there was "big talk of the Lincoln University sprinters," said Morgan. 

While at Lincoln, he earned 19 Division III All-American honors in the 400m, 800m and 4x400 relay. He was an NCAA Division III three-time champion in the 80m, two-time champion in the 400m and holds the NCAA Division III record in the 800m.

From Lincoln, Terrelonge went on to compete in the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games for the Jamaican National team. He also won gold at the 1995 World Indoor Championships in the 800 meter race, being the first Jamaican to do so. 

Although he had limited experience from the coaching perspective, Terrelonge's professional resume was in line with Morgan's vision of having high level coaches bringing an international flavor to the program.  This was the first major piece in approaching that need - one which would attract national level student-athletes.  The administration supported that outlook and the many successes that move eventually had to UConn women's track & field.   

"His first day at UConn, I was meeting with freshmen and parents. He walked up to me, I had a UConn t-shirt in my hand, gave it to him and said here put this on we have a meeting to go to. And it was like he had been on the team for years," recalled Morgan. 



"Clive can personally bring experience to students which is really important. Performing at a top level attracts other top athletes at the national level" said Morgan. "Terrelonge's national and international experience in track and field has helped his coaching. He was able to coach UConn Olympian Phylicia George who placed 6th in the London games for Canada, and UConn's most decorated sprinter Trisha-Ann Hawthorne

"Clive makes the right decisions and is well respected at the national level. I am mentoring him in every aspect of the program, budget and travel, so he has the tools and resources to become a head coach some day."

Terrelonge has had the opportunity to go elsewhere with his coaching career, however Morgan feels that it is his loyalty to the coaches, UConn, and the student-athletes that has kept him here. 

"Clive is a great mentor, he is very nurturing with students off the track," said Morgan. "Terrelonge is a coach that students can come to with any of their issues whether related to track or otherwise."

"I think for Clive there is no greater acknowledgement of his accomplishments," said Morgan of Terrelonge's induction into Lincoln's Hall of Fame. "He has such a pride and appreciation for what Lincoln gave him."

Morgan describes Terrelonge as humble with a great confidence, personality and a sense of humor. "We are fortunate to have him here," said Morgan. 

Morgan and some of Terrelonge's former student-athletes will be traveling to Lincoln University this weekend to support Terrelonge in his induction into the Hall of Fame.