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Volleyball Rising Seniors Look to Provide Leadership

April 17, 2017

By Hayley Cmajdalka

STORRS, Conn. -
At the peak of their careers, rising seniors Kenya Cason, Tosin Adeniyi, and Danielle Cabel are about to enter their final season as UConn volleyball players.

After finishing with a record of 16-15 for the second straight season in 2016, the seniors are looking to make their last season the best one yet.

All three players have proven to be pivotal for the Huskies and are preparing themselves during spring practices to play an even bigger role in the upcoming season.

Looking at the previous fall season, Cabel said, “With five graduating seniors the team this spring is a lot smaller, which has really helped us grow closer as a team by learning more about each other and from each other.”

Cabel is going on her third year with the UConn volleyball team after transferring after her freshman year from the University of Iowa.

Cason added, “Spring is an important time for the returners to get closer and push each other to new limits. We’ve been focused on embracing the grind and pushing each other every day.”

Both Cason and Adeniyi will be going on their fourth year at UConn. They are the first pair of seniors who have completed all four years with head coach Kris Grunwald at the helm.



Adeniyi talked about certain areas that required improvement to ensure the ongoing success of the program.

“We have had a lot of program reconstruction since I’ve been here the past three years and I have also been able to see the progress that we’ve been making, “ said Adeniyi.

Rebuilding a program is a long and committed process, but the three seniors believe they are in a good spot mentally and physically as a group.

Now that these Huskies are nearing the end of their final spring training, they feel like they are more prepared going into next season. Throughout the spring, they were able to grow into their specific roles on the team.

Cabel said, “I am definitely a person who leads by example and I go into every practice trying to bring as much energy as I can so that others will be encouraged to do the same.”

Adeniyi thinks of herself to be serving an encouraging role on the team. She said, “The coaches have been tough on us and we have really been pushed a lot. It is my goal to encourage and make everyone feel like they can help contribute.”

When asking Cason what she is looking forward to most, she responded, “I’m looking forward to competing every day. I’ve been playing volleyball for 12 years now and it’s crazy to think that this journey is coming to an end soon, but as a testament to everyone that has helped me come this far, I want to leave everything out on the court.”