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PRESEASON BLOG: Huskies Host a Scrimmage

Aug. 20, 2017

STORRS, Conn. - With the season closely approaching, junior Elizabeth Kline and sophomores Kayla Williams, Genna Florig and Avery Spaziani are taking you inside their second full week of preseason.

The Huskies open play in the St. John’s Invitational, playing the Sacramento State and New Hampshire on the 25th and St. John’s on Aug. 26. UConn was selected to finish seventh in the American Athletic Conference's Preseason Coaches' Poll, as announced on Monday.

Leading up to first serve of the Sacramento game, the UConn players will be providing a series of preseason blogs to keep everyone updated on the progress being made on and off the court by the Huskies.

“What’s up Husky Fans! It’s your favorite volleyball girls here Lil Liz, Kayla, Genna, and Avery here to discuss the last few days of preseason! Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself while reading our awesome blog!



Last Friday, the 18th, was a very busy day for us Huskies! The day started off great because we were finally able to sleep in until 9 am, which is a late for us because we usually have to wake up around 7:15/7:30 a.m. for our 9 a.m. practices every day. Friday was the day we moved out day from our summer housing in Next Generation Dorms and we could finally move into our housing for the school year.  Although we will miss being in the same dorm together and having our annual movie nights in the lounge, it’s so exciting moving into our housing for the school year because we can now settled. We have pretty much been living out of out a suitcase, in a temporary dorm this summer.

Moving out of the dorms is always a struggle because everyone lives in different places all over campus, literally, BUT there is not a challenge that the volleyball gals can’t take on. There are five of us that have cars this year, which make it a lot easier to move and help everyone out of the dorms and into their new homes (shoutout to the upperclassmen for helping out the underclassmen move out of the dorms). Everyone’s help was greatly appreciated. Also shout out to Champagne Mami (Lil Liz’s car) for helping the girls move out of the dorms and taking care of them. You the real M.V.P.

Once everyone moved out of summer housing and settled into their new homes, we had team photos following the to the upperclassmen’s a video shoot that will be used for our introduction videos for when we move back into Gampel for the last three home games of the season. So, right after the video shoot, the upperclassmen went straight to the team photo, which was taken in front of the Jonathan Husky statue right outside of Gampel Pavilion this year. Of course, as soon as we started to take pictures, it started raining! Hair was frizzy, straight hair turned to curly, but the pictures still turned out good because we are all beautiful little and big girls :) The coaches looked alright...JUST KIDDING! The coaches looked great, as well. After the team photos, we quickly had to switch into game mode because we had our Blue vs White scrimmage that evening. Busy day for sure!

This is a new year and that includes a completely different look for our game time experience. Not only are we rocking new, sharp uniforms, we are also in a completely new environment! We got to test out the new look including our new jersey’s for the first time this past Friday. We have the honor of playing on the very same sport court that was used during the 2012 London Olympic games. Not only does that make the experience out of this world but because of the gym, the sound is amplified and that creates an even better atmosphere to play in. That’s good for us especially when it’s time to play our pump up songs! Before the Blue vs White Scrimmage we annually host, we had to make sure we had the playlist ready to assist in our success! Although we are currently not playing in Gampel Pavilion, due to construction, I would say that had no effect on our level of play, our intensity or our burning passion for volleyball. Every chance we get to play volleyball we take full advantage and that really showed. The girls really came together to make this experience really fun and special!

For the Blue and White Scrimmage we were thrown a challenge. We were put into a lineup that we had never played in before. At first there was a little confusion but this team has grown immensely since last year and even the start to this year and our response is what we focus on. Things in life happen that we can’t control but Coach Kris always puts a focus on that the most important thing in growth is how we respond. That is where this team has grown and matured. Playing with this team we are excited for the challenges that we are going to be facing together. Nothing beats playing with this team!

On Sunday, we look forward to our off day consisting of an intense cook off between the players and judged by our wonderful coaches! Thank you for being amazing fans to us and we look forward to seeing you all at our games this year!"