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Behind The Block - #2

Sept. 5, 2011

A little R&R with mama Kirk, some serious heat, and a bit of competition was just what the doctor ordered to break the stagnancy of preseason. Our arrival in Texas was an exciting one, and a shocking one for those who have never experienced the unrelenting roast of the Texas sun. Nevertheless, we were ready to get in one last practice Thursday night before heading off to Jordan's house in Plano for some home cooking. It was lucky we didn't play until Friday night, because digesting all that jalapeño ranch dip, delicious pork, chicken, and (of course) chips and salsa took a full day of recovery!

Then, it was kick-off time. On Friday we loaded up our stylin' convoy of mini vans and headed to TCU's gym to face Grambling State and start UConn Volleyball Season 2011. And a good beginning it was. A quick victory in just three sets, and a few monster kills made for a fun 75 points to our first "W".

Saturday we hit some speed bumps with Texas Tech and TCU and we added some losses to our board. But, all in all, we left the gym knowing what to work on and not an ounce less determined.

Then it was back home to Connecticut...or was it? No, in a somewhat unsurprising turn of events, untimely rainstorm (or, you know, hurricane) numero quarto stepped in. Luckily Irene was fairly gentle on Storrs and we were back to a sunshiny home by Monday with the first day of classes cancelled! I could lie and say we were upset, but...let's be serious.

Now we've put in another week of gym time and are ready to host the UConn Toyota Classic right here in our own Gampel Pavilion, rain or shine, this weekend. Finally putting some real competition into our home gym is another first for the season and and very exciting one at that. Dorothy had it right when she said, "there's no place like home", even better we'll be sure to bring our courage, heart, and brains (oh, that was cheesy).