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Behind The Block - #3

Sept. 9, 2011

Monday we started back to practice with a shiny new UConn Toyota Classic Championship trophy in our locker room that we earned in straight wins vs. Holy Cross, Binghamton, and Howard! Racking up some wins on our own Gampel floor, for our own home crowd, was just what we needed after our first long, exhausting week of classes.

Now that school is in full go, we've added equations, essays, and exams into our already crazy lives (we can't major in volleyball, I already asked). On the bright side, our strength and conditioning coach, Kimball, will be so proud when she realizes how much back strength we've all developed from hauling those GIANT text books around campus...really though, why do I need four books for every class?

Tuesday we hosted Sacred Heart at home, and lost 1-3, so Wednesday and Thursday we were back in the gym with a vengeance. Now we've got a couple more practices under our belt (including one in Gampel with a catered meal to follow--can you ever have too much pasta?) and we're ready to head out to New Hampshire for another tourney and a homecoming for one of our freshies: Breezy D!

(Don't worry, I won't end this blog installment with another rainstorm joke...those are all dried up*)

*pun intended