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Behind The Block - #4

Sept. 19, 2011

I think us huskies have slept in more hotel linens than our own comfy sheets this month; and subsequently have missed what seems like more school than we've attended...but who's complaining? This week was the grand finale of preseason tournament play with games at the University of New Hampshire and Virginia Tech where we made two second-place finishes.

New Hampshire was a fun trip (especially since there were no airplanes involved)! Breezy's parents--who happen to be the UNH gymnastics coaches--put away their Wildcat gear for a couple days to cheer us on. They also had us over to La Casa Datti for some pregame grub and puppy playtime with little Roxy and Chloe (adorable!).

Next we were off to Virginia for the Virginia Tech Tournament. What's one great thing about having teammates from ALL over the country? ...You can always count on at least a few fans in the stands! Amy--our team Virginian--had some high school friends in the crowd as well as her mom and dad.

One of our favorite parts of being on the road is the food. Traveling always breaks the dining hall blues, and in Virginia the food was magnifique! Steaks from Outback Steakhouse, Chipotle taco salads, and who can forget Angie having a FULL twelve-slice pizza all to herself after our last match? ...Who then proceeded to have three fun-fetti cupcakes. World record? ...Possibly.

Can't blame her for the cupcakes, though! Karson's mom--Mrs. Ratcliff-- had everyone drooling over her amazing cupcakes, brownies, and chocolate covered pretzels. They made EXCELLENT plane snacking.

Now we're back in good `ole Storrs, but not for long! Thursday we hit the road again for our first conference matches against Cincinnati and Louisville. Goodbye preseason, hello BIG EAST.